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Link Resource Connection

As you know, there have been many new regulations established for licensed child care centers throughout New Jersey.  We’ve added a new section to the home page for easy access to important sites for information regarding these regulations and their purpose.  Be sure to check out the new ‘Link Resource Connection’ tab on the right… Read More »

NJ One of Ten States to See a Drop in Childhood Obesity

  Advocates for Children of New Jersey (ACNJ), a trusted, independent voice putting children’s needs first for more than 30 years; recently posted to their Facebook page, a link to the NYTimes article shown below. A little background on ACNJ… This non-profit advocacy group, is independent and strictly non-partisan, accepting no government funding for advocacy.  This frees… Read More »

What Would You Pass On?

All busy-ness, tasks & pace of life aside… what do you want to pass on to your kids?  If you could have them ‘know’ anything in their lifetime, what would you want it to be?  Knowing and embodying this yourself is an entirely different blog post!!  We’re talking ‘pie in the sky’, if you could,… Read More »

Free Play & Normal Emotional Development

An interesting read from Psychology Today on children, free play & ‘normal’ emotional development.  After all, ‘knowledge is power’… Free Play Is Essential for Normal Emotional Development Why Mother Nature motivates our children to play in emotionally exciting ways. Published on June 21, 2012 by Peter Gray in Freedom to Learn In play, children practice many skills that… Read More »

Bathing in the Kiddie Pool?

A comical read from Synnove Robinson, mom blogger from BlogHer; that we all can relate to, I’m sure! Happy Tuesday! 10 Reasons Why Outside Kiddy Pool Time Should Not Double As Bath Time You know when you have a great idea and you are all like, “Why doesn’t EVERYONE do this? I am a GENIUS…”… Read More »