Infant Childcare Program (6 weeks-18 months)

(Lady Bugs/ Infant Room 6weeks-18 months)

The sweet lullabies of the ladybugs will lead you to our infant room.  Here, each baby is nurtured to develop at his/her own pace.  The teachers in this room make it a personal priority to see that each baby receives group time attention as well as individualized attention. This helps alleviate separation anxiety because this is usually the first time the baby is away from their parents.  Our babies receive affection, encouragement, and a comforting environment just like they would at home.  We sing, talk, and read to the babies everyday to help develop language skills.  We also incorporate sign language into our daily routine to help communicate with your baby. Tummy time helps build gross motor skills needed for crawling and walking.  We encourage this with constant praise.  Our tidy room sometimes gets messy as babies learn to self-feed.  We help babies grow to become more independent so they can develop into happy toddlers.

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