Childcare Programs

(Lady Bugs/ Infant Room 6 weeks-18 months)

The sweet lullabies of the ladybugs will lead you to our infant room.  Here, each baby is nurtured to develop at his/her own pace.  The teachers in this room make it a personal priority to see that each baby receives group time attention as well as individualized attention. This helps alleviate separation anxiety because this is usually the first time the baby is away from their parents.  Our babies receive affection, encouragement, and a comforting environment just like they would at home… Read more about our Infant childcare program


(Bumble Bees/ Toddler Room 18 months-3 years old)

Follow the sound of buzzing and welcoming songs and you’ll find yourself among our two year old bumble bees! Here is the place where it all starts off and the foundation is built.  The bumble bees learn by doing…this includes discovery of colors, shapes, numbers, and abc’s.  We tackle these areas through music, finger plays, pretend, and of course messy art projects… Read more about our toddler childcare program


(Butterflies/ 3- 4years old Preschool class)

If you flutter into our three year old butterfly room you’ll find lots of laughter and movement.  We start our day with circle time, helping to built classroom community and social skills.  Students work to problem solve and begin to gain responsibility in our room through number recognition, name practice, and simple life skills such as…Read more about our Preschool childcare program

(Dragonflies /4- 5 years old Pre-K class)

Our Pre-K dragonflies room is a place where students grow, learn, and explore.  From our morning meeting to our creative play we discover learning comes in all shapes and sizes.  Students have a wide variety of hands on learning through…Read more about our Pre-K childcare program